Poems by Heather Hancock


Solar radiance, the


          Ultimate light source and


          Necessary for life.


Morning bouquet


                   Gentle rose and jasmine from the shower,


                   Coffee percolating wafts upstairs.


                   Oven warmed, the croissant is now crisp,


                   And through the open door the orange blossom drifts.


 Heather Hancock.  August 2017

(A tongue in cheek praise poem.)

In praise of Nutella…

                   Nutella, Nutella so nutty and sweet,

Nutella on crumpets, now that’s hard to beat.

The nuts in Nutella give protein and so,

It sure must be good if it help you to grow.

Nutella on toast and Nutella ice cream,

In between biscuits it tastes like a dream.

If you need a boost then Nutella’s the thing.

Anything with Nutella is fit for a king.

To me it’s superb, no ifs and no buts,

Provided of course, you’re allowed to eat nuts.




Heather Hancock.    September 2017.